Very-Much-Alive Woman Sues Credit Reporting Agencies For Saying She’s Dead

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A 40-year-old St. Louis woman isnt dead, but she said she spent months trying to convince credit reporting agencies that shes alive.

I Paid for a Landlord Credit Check. Don’t I Get to See It?

When you apply to rent a home or apartment, its not unusual for the owner or manager to require a credit check — and to charge a fee to recover the cost of purchasing it.

If its your credit standing, do you have a right to see what the landlord saw? Thats what a reader wanted to know. Corinna asked us: When an agency runs a credit check, am I entitled to a copy? I paid a $20 fee for a rental and would like a copy.

The short answer is, No, the rental company doesnt need to give the consumer the report, says National Consumer Law Center attorney Persis Yu.

However, that doesnt mean Corinna cant see her credit report. First, anyone who is turned down...

How to build, or rebuild your credit

Taylor Hutchinson acknowledges that she should have known better than to run up about $3,000 in debts.

“I was working a part-time job and not making enough,” Hutchinson, 25, told me. “Then the debt collectors started calling.”

Hutchinson, like many others still struggling during the long recovery from the Great Recession, now wants to get her financial house in order. She wants to improve her credit so she can buy a car to get to her job at a Home Depot outlet.

She just doesn’t know where to start.

The first thing Hutchinson and others facing debt and credit problems need to do is take a deep breath and remind themselves that they’re...

One Stop adds personal finance options

In response to students requests, the University of Minnesotas One Stop Student Services is equipping its employees, who previously dealt primarily with scholarships and students loans, with the expertise to counsel students about personal finance. One Stop employees hope the new program will urge students to reevaluate their spending practices.

10 Personal Finance Apps For Teens And Young Adults

Managing money is a skill, not an inherent talent. While some may be more mathematically or organizationally inclined and find finances easier, the concepts are not bestowed upon us at birth. Classrooms introduce money concepts early and, hopefully, the lessons are solidified at home by parents; however, financial literacy and its practical applications are lifelong endeavors.

Luckily, in this era of technological advancement, theres an app (or 10) for that. Teens and young adults who have come to age relying on technology are at an advantage when it comes to becoming financially savvy and independent. Always within arms reach, smartphones can become supplemental teachers and enforcers...

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Personal finance: Why creditors invoke delay strategies?

As a creditor if you have never faced a debt-crisis then now is the time to exhume your empathy, co-operation, understanding, assistance and undue invaluable support and why?

You have a job to do to recoup your organizations outstanding debtors;

You have the power to change a life that is placed in your hands;

It is the right thing to do;

Whatever the debtors debt situation, they came to you for help and support, so ignoring them and invoking delay tactics until the next months payment is due, is unacceptable;

Its not good to sit in a position of strength just because you can and prolong a debtors agony;

You dont own your organisation so developing...

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Millionaires Before 30: Smart Finance Skills or Dumb Luck?

KC Beavers was only months out of his 20s when he realized his net worth was over $1 million.

Far from being the son of a CEO or celebrity, Beavers path to wealth was through
frugal living and smart finance decisions. While
running a photography equipment startup, Beavers and his wife spent little and worked a lot.

It was funny because it was not some big, amazing day, says Beavers, now 36, who blogs about
personal finance at from Rochester, New York. It just happened all so gradually, it was just kind of a, Wow, we actually have a lot.

Others like Beavers claim they reached millionaire status before turning 30 through disciplined savings...

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You’re probably richer than you think

Do you procrastinate about taking care of financial matters in your life?

Recently a fascinating article about financial procrastination appeared online.

The author publicly admitted that “after years of procrastinating,” he finally logged on to his retirement account. It took him years to get around to dealing with it because the entire task made him anxious.

Moreover, he stated he didn’t remember his password, and his account choices were a mess.

For many of us there is nothing special about any of this. Most people dread and put off dealing with financial matters.

However, what was astonishing about this story is that the writer is an eminent...

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Weekly Money: the personal finance stories you might have missed 27 to 31 July

31 July

How much tax will you pay in your lifetime? The TaxPayers’ Alliance reckons an average household will pay £734,240 (in 2013-14 prices) in direct and indirect taxes – that’s an increase of 2.3 per cent on last year’s £717,650.

The figure is equivalent to the total income of a household over 19 years. Meanwhile an average family pays more than £250,000 in income tax alone over a lifetime and almost £150,000 in VAT.  There’s also almost £100,000 in National Insurance and £60,000 in council tax.

But there’s a huge gap between tax bills for top and bottom earners. An average household in the bottom 20 per cent of earners will...

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For Wealth, Black Women Need Jobs with Benefits

Credit: Steven Depolo on Flickr, under Creative Commons

(WOMENSENEWS)–Its the difference between the cost of a Porsche and the cost of a purse; about $45,400 compared to about $100.

That is the current wealth gap difference between white women and black women. White women have enough accrued wealth to buy a small Porsche sports car, at about $45,400. Black women have about $100 in wealth, enough for a designer purse.

While the onus for saving and preparing for the future has been on the backs...