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This Investor Thinks Bitcoin Will Change EVERYTHING — Not Just Finance

Bitcoin will change a lot more than finance. It could also change how software is built and upend a bunch of todays biggest web companies, argues Joel Monegro of Union Square Ventures.

His argument starts with the block chain, the shared ledger in which every Bitcoin transaction is recorded. Validating these transactions requires computing power. When each transaction is validated, a new block is added to the chain, which makes future transactions even harder to compute.

Bitcoin was designed this way to make sure that the same Bitcoin, which has no physical form, isnt spent twice by the same person. This also gives Bitcoin some┬áinherent value — people or organizations...

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Savvy shoppers do it online

Colin Daniel

This article was first published in the third-quarter 2014 edition of Personal Finance magazine.

Buying goods and services over the internet is rapidly becoming a part of everyday life for many South Africans. But while local online retailers such as Kalahari and Takealot have become household names, there are many consumers for whom buying goods they haven’t seen or touched from stores that don’t exist in the conventional sense of bricks and mortar is still a daunting hurdle.

According to the latest MasterCard Online Shopping Behaviour Study, conducted between November 2013 and January 2014, payment security is a major...

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What’s your credit score? Here’s how you can get an idea — legitimately …

One of the best things people can do for theirfinancial health is to know roughly what their credit score is. I cant tell you how often I talk with older folks who wonder why their home and auto insurance went up, and its because they dont use credit at all. Or I hear from people whove managed their finances well for decades who suddenly miss a payment or have an account sent to collection and their score plunges by 100 points and goes from an A rating to a C rating.

If you havent gotten your credit score in recent years (or ever), theres good news: More and more banks realize this information is extremely important to consumers. More credit card companies, including Discover and Citicard,...

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Mortgage Rates Below 4% Boost Latest Pending Home Sales Index

Mortgage Rates Below 4% Boost Latest Pending Home Sales Index

  • Real Estate Sales

The US housing market remains strong.

From San Jose, California; to Detroit, Michigan; to Miami, Florida, homes are going into contract at a better-than-average rate. Home buyers outnumbers home sellers, and home values are up.

Thankfully, mortgage rates are down.

According to Freddie Mac, at 3.89 percent, the average 30-year mortgage rate has eclipsed its lowest point of 2014 and reached a 18-month best. Many mortgage lenders now quote conforming mortgage rates and APR in the 3s.

Mortgage interest rates for FHA loans and VA loans are often...

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Mitch McConnell Rider Could Roll Back Campaign Finance Laws

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JPMorgan Is Said to Put Mortgage-Bond Trader on Leave

JPMorgan Chase amp; Co. (JPM) put another of
its mortgage-bond traders on leave, the latest in a string of
suspensions amid regulatory scrutiny of the market, according to
three people with knowledge of the move.

The employee, Joshua Banschick, was told not to come in
during the past week, said the people, who asked not to be named
because the decision wasn’t public. The trader has worked at
JPMorgan since 2008, after spending about a year at Bear Stearns
Co., the securities firm bought by the bank that year with
assistance from the Federal Reserve, according to Financial
Industry Regulatory Authority records.

Banschick, 29, who hasn’t...

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Tony Robbins offers retirement financial advice

People make several mistakes when saving and investing for retirement, and one of the biggest ones is not getting started because they think they need a large sum of money to begin, says Tony Robbins, 54, an inspirational speaker and best-selling author.

What you want is at least a small amount of money you consistently invest, says Robbins, author of a new 656-page book, Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. It includes information from his interviews with more than 50 top financial experts including Charles Schwab, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, hedge fund manager Ray Dalio and Vanguard founder John Bogle.

When I asked Warren Buffett —...

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Spendology, Which Develops Personal Finance Apps, Is Entrenched In A David …

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Spendology used and applied for the SPENDOLOGY trademark first. However, that didnt stop PNC Bank from applying for the same mark 7 months later, sending a cease and desist letter, and then taking action in the US Patent and Trademark Offices Trademark Trial and Appeals Board resulting in the cancellation of Spendologys trademark application for the SPENDOLOGY trade name.

Spendology founder, K. Alexander Ashe, leveraged social media platforms including Reddit, Pinterest, Imgur, and Twitter to present the matter in the court of public opinion. Mr. Ashe hosted an online discussion about the matter via Reddits Ask me Anything forum. PNC Bank...

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Helping exporters succeed overseas

One of the biggest concerns for many small- and medium-sized business owners is access to finance. Whether it be working capital for managing the day-to-day pressures of running a business, or cash to grow and expand, accessing finance is an ongoing challenge for many smaller exporters.

The companies we speak to on a daily basis, smaller exporters in particular, know this only too well. Securing the finance they need to fund overseas operations or to fulfil export contracts consistently holds many smaller exporters back from achieving their potential as successful exporters.

Legislation that is currently before parliament is intended to improve this situation through changes...

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Rachel Cruze Competes to Be GOBankingRates’ "Best Personal Finance Expert …

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Rachel Cruze, best-selling author, speaker and financial educator, has been named a finalist in GOBankingRates fourth annual Best Personal Finance Expert competition, which runs throughout December. Cruze is going up against 11 other money authorities, handpicked by GOBankingRates staff in collaboration with writers and editors from top media outlets in the personal finance space.

Cruze is the author of recent New York Times best-seller Smart Money Smart Kids, which she co-wrote with her father, Dave Ramsey, also a finalist in the competition. Often a featured speaker at her fathers events, Cruze has been a financial educator since she was 15, frequently...