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Champion in Action award to AHEAD

MANCHESTER Citizens Bank and the New Hampshire Union Leader will provide AHEAD Affordable Housing, Education and Development with money, media coverage, and extensive promotional and volunteer support for its work in strengthening communities through veterans support.

This is the second time the Littleton-based nonprofit has received the Champion in Action award, with the first such award in 2006.

Joe Carelli, president of Citizens Bank New Hampshire and Vermont, Wednesday described AHEAD as: Just the epitome of a great organization.

Carelli said AHEADs mission of helping veterans and others improve financial literacy and work toward home ownership matches that of Citizens...

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Insider Selling: Netflix, Inc. (NFLX), Oracle Corporation (ORCL), Groupon Inc …

Business Finance News (BFN) takes a look at recent insider selling activities by executives at Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL), and Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN). The financial details of the trades are as follows:

Netflix, Inc.

Netflix President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Reed Hastings dumped his entire direct stake in the company. He divested 17,218 shares for $11,431,459 in four transactions dated on June 22. The executive divested his stake at higher price compared to his last sales transactions.

Netflix stock slid 2.12% and closed the trading session at $664.24 on Thursday. Citigroup downgraded Netflix stock from Buy to Neutral in a note...

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70 Percent of College Students Stressed About Finances

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National Student Financial Wellness Study

Newswise COLUMBUS, Ohio – Seven out of 10 college students feel stressed about their personal finances, according to a new national survey.

Nearly 60 percent said they worry about having enough money to pay for school, while half are concerned about paying their monthly expenses.

The findings suggest that the pressures of student loan debt and finding ways to make ends meet are weighing on America’s college students, said Anne McDaniel, co-author of the study.


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Graduating From College Early: Is The Money Saved Worth Missing Senior Year?

Noya Leve, a rising third-year political science major at Tulane University, is planning to graduate next May – one year early. For Leve, paying for college is no burden of her own. But, her primary motivation is to ease the financial strain of her parents, who have two other children’s tuitions to pay for. She notes that this decision was in no way pressured by her family, but she hopes to use the time and money saved to either work in New Orleans or to travel. Even a year of traveling or “doing nothing” will still not amount to the extra year of college fees.

Jodi Okun, founder of College Financial Aid Advisors says, “Even if you can afford it, if you’re...

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Crowdfunding becoming go-to for college students

Paying for college can be a real budget buster. Lots of people take out loans and others work long hours just to make ends meet. Now some college students are trying something a little different. Its called crowdfunding or crowdsourcing.

One Montgomery man is hoping itll help make his year at Harvard a little easier.

Its not cheap, said Justin Hampton. It can cost upwards of $100,000.

Hampton works at Common Ground Ministry in Montgomery. He did his time in college at Tuskegee and then the University of Florida. Recently he decided he wanted to go back.

In a month Hampton is leaving for the Boston area to get a masters degree...

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Crystal Ball: College Admissions And Financial Aid Trends Are Predictable

Five years ago I wrote an article for Forbes, Billions in Merit Aid Up For Grabs, in which I shared some trends that had developed as the result of the financial crisis, as well as what I was anticipating in years ahead. With some high profile financial aid and admissions policy announcements making news a few years later, some readers recalled the article and wondered what I saw on the horizon. Now it is time once again to update you on what I see happening in college admissions, financial aid and personal finance as it relates to paying for college.

2009 to 2011

First, what I wrote about in 2009 was not just my thoughts, but those of others in various areas of financial aid and admissions...

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College Benefits Research Group Discuss Funding For College

CBRGsheds light on why crowdfunding sites fortuition are not a sustainable option-

Figuring out how to pay for college can be a worrisome and stressful task for students and families. Some students are leaning toward crowdfunding sites (where the online community contributes or invests in the students education) to help lessen their tuition burden.

However, inanNJ.comarticle,Crowdfunding your college tuition? NJ student says online village should invest $47K in her,Steven Sirot and David Slater,Co-founders, College Benefits Research Group (CBRG), a college planning organization, suggest to stay away from crowdfunding sites for college tuition, and suggest being more realistic...

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7 of the Worst Credit Card Mistakes You Could Make

Its no secret that having a good credit score is essential to a healthy financial future. So why do so many people still struggle to reach a FICO Score of 740 or higher? One theory is that many individuals are making the same habitual mistakes and dont even realize that theyre actively jeopardizing their credit score. Because of this, weve compiled a list of the seven most common credit card mistakes that will haunt your credit report for years to come.

  1. The Free Money Mentality

    The free money mentality is the worst possible financial attitude to have when it comes to handling credit cards. Viewing a credit card as a blank check will inevitably lead people to make purchases...

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The Ideal Way To Save For College And Retirement In One Account

One of the best ways to invest for college may be right at work. With the ability to purchase shares of company stock at discounts of up to 15% of the stock’s market price, employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) can be an effective way to keep pace with, or exceed the rising cost of college.

Four-year college costs nationwide increase an average between 4-6% per year depending on whether the college is public or private. So if you can start out investing to cover those college costs in the future with a 10-15% head start by investing through your company’s ESPP, that’s pretty intelligent investing.

How an ESPP Works

ESPPs allow employees to purchase shares...

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Loans Against Property: A Time Bomb Ticking Away?

In the fiscal year that ended 31 March, credit growth of India’s banking industry dropped to an 18-month low. The microfinance industry, in contrast, saw its loan book grow at the fastest pace and for a few it more than doubled. The scenario has not changed for banks in the past few months; year-on-year credit growth is now 9.8%. There are hardly any takers for loans from the corporate sector; the saving grace has been mortgages and retail loans.

At aroundRs.12 trillion, the mortgage market in India is a little less than 10% of the size of its economy even as the overall bank credit market is about 50% of the nation’s gross domestic product or GDP. Indeed,...