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BB&T not alone in HUD’s mortgage crosshairs

BBT is in the federal government’s crosshairs over the way it has been processing taxpayer-backed mortgage loans, but it’s not the only lender facing that scrutiny.

When it released its second-quarter earnings Monday, the Winston-Salem-based BBT (NYSE:BBT) said it had been notified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development that it would be audited “to assess BBT’s compliance with FHA requirements related to the origination of loans insured by the FHA.”

BBT and other banks are able to write mortgage loans with Federal Housing Administration backing to qualified borrowers, but they are subject to reviews and potential penalties if those...

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Personal Finance: Simple tips to pay off credit card

Robert Powell offers advice on all matters of personal finance. His column appears Tuesdays and Thursdays at

I owe $6,000 on my credit card with 9.8% APR. How can I pay this credit card off ASAP? I have $300 per month to pay down on it.

– Michael Jones, Mableton, Ga., among many other organizations, has an online credit card calculator that can help you determine: 1) how many months it will take to pay down your credit card debt given a certain payment, interest rate and credit card balance, or 2) how much you would have to pay to be debt free in a certain time period.

In your case, youll be debt-free...

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2 New Reverse Mortgage Rules For Couples

New reverse-mortgage rules kicking in Aug. 4 should provide peace of mind to married couples considering taking out these loans.

Reverse mortgages (home loans for people 62 and older that let them convert home equity into cash) can be a useful way for homeowners to receive extra income in retirement; the loan must be repaid when the borrower dies, moves or sells the home.

But there has been a big problem: In some cases, husbands have taken out reverse mortgages and their wives then faced foreclosure when they couldn’t pay off the loans after their spouses died. AARP filed a class-action suit against the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), saying that HUD didn’t...

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7 things to do before quitting your day job

Whether you’ve been toying with the idea of stepping out on your own or worried about job cuts at your workplace, here are seven things to do now before you go solo.


1. Update you resume. A modern resume needs to clearly show the results that your years of work have delivered. “Managed a sales team which brought in $20 million in sales in 2013.” “Oversaw the management of $175 million infrastructure project.” If your only education listing is that of secondary school from 20 years ago, it should not be given prominence. Rather, highlight what you’ve achieved in the role with the organisation.


2. Create a web presence....

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LIVE from Detroit: Workers Organizing Online: What We’ve Learned and What …

This session at Netroots Nation is led by Elana Levin who is Director of Online Organizing at Make the Road Action Fund.

Kenzo Shibata began by speaking about the battle he led against Rahm Emanuels tactics in attempting to bust the teachers union in Chicago. Shibata created a video associating Emanuel with the Tea Party in an attempt to embarrass Emanuel over his anti-union tactics. The video cost very little but made a big impact.

Sara Steffens is speaking about working in social media for an organization. Many involved in social media within an organization many times find themselves becoming overwhelmed by requests. Typically only one person ends up handling all the social...

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Pioneer boosters organizing golf tournament

ENID, Okla.
The Pioneer Mustang Booster Club is hosting a golf tournament Sept. 27 at Pheasant Run Golf Course. The four-man scramble begins with a shotgun start at 1 pm, preceded by an 11 am registration period and noon lunch.

Players can sign up as individuals or as teams for $60 per person, which includes green and cart fees, and lunch. There will be a 50/50 raffle in addition to door prizes and mulligans.

Hole sponsorships are available at $100 apiece, and sponsors can call Troy Hammock at (580) 484-4242 or Shelley Rauh at (580) 554-5334 for information.

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5 Free Apps For Organizing Your Office

If youre tired of a cluttered workspace or moving to a fancy new one, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.

As always, while theyre free now, we cant guarantee how long theyll last–so dont wait too long.

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National group organizing against Common Core is coming to Connecticut

National group organizing against Common Core is coming to Connecticut

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READER SUBMITTED: Quinnipiac Physician Assistant Student Organizing Free …

A physician assistant student at Quinnipiac University is offering a free asthma camp for children between the ages of 6-12 from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, Aug. 2, on the North Haven Campus, 370 Bassett Road.

The goal of the asthma camp is to give special attention to each child and focus on the positives of this chronic illness, said Nicole Cottle of Hamden, the physician assistant student organizing the camp as part of her being named a Paul Ambrose Scholar. I believe the camp will be a great success for the underserved children of the greater New Haven area.

The camp will include a range of activities, including ones that will teach the children...

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Budget 2014-15: Impact on personal finance planning

Majority of Indians now feel a sense of contentment post the budget of 2014-15, as it touched various aspects of the countrys financial health with emphasis on building infrastructure, creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurship while taming inflation. The most watched space by most individuals in an annual budget speech are tax exemptions, the way their personal finance planning would be affected and which consumer products would get cheaper or expensive.

Let us take a look at the budget impact 2014-15 on our personal finance.

Increase in Income Tax Exemption limit:

A welcome move for crores of tax payers in the country was the finance ministers...