How to Be Successful In Business – Leading Financial Planning Company …

VICTORIA, Australia November 2014 – The small business sector is the fastest growing division in the Australian economy. But it also has the highest failure rate with an average of 44 small businesses closing their doors every day.*

According to leading Melbourne financial services company, The Hendrie Group, one of the most common mistakes small business owners keep making is to focus on the day to day operations within the business, instead of working on the business’s future success. Even though owners are generally the trained expert in their company’s field, they’re usually not given formal training on managing finances or building wealth and as a result, can struggle to achieve...

Ideas for organizing the recycling

Q: My wife is a very serious recycler. While I admire her conviction, the messy piles at our kitchen door are annoying. Every time I come home, this mess is what I see first. My wife saves it up until there’s enough for a trip to the recycling center. I’m sick of the sight, and the smell! Do you have any better ideas?


A: I also admire your wife’s convictions! Recycling is a great idea, and I encourage everyone to do as much as they can. But, you will have to help; otherwise your wife won’t be receptive to changes to her system.

Check with your city trash collection service. Perhaps you can get rid of all of that on a more frequent...

Events this week (10/26-11/2/14): Fall Chorus, Paying for college, eBooks and …

Above: Halloween fun this week includes pumpkin painting for young adults and the highlight of some childrens year, trick or treating. (Image left posted to Flicrk by areliyulfo86 and photo right by Beth Melo)

Here are highlights of what’s happening around town this week. For more details and the full list, check the Event Calendar.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014:

  • How to Pay for College without Sacrificing Your Retirement (6:30 9:30 pm) @ Southborough Senior Center: Parents with children of all ages, come hear college planning observations and strategies that you will not hear from your local high school. Session costs $20pp.See dedicated post for details.


Saving for college? Most parents say "not yet"

Yet parents still hold out hope of paying for at least part of their childrens higher education. About 50 percent want to pay for more than half, according to Country Financials survey. A quarter of parents aim to pay the entire tab.

How, exactly, will they do that when they havent saved anything? For many, it may come down to putting off retirement. About 69 percent of parents say they would delay retirement for five years if it meant their child would graduate from college with no debt, the survey said.

Parents paid for about 30 percent of a childs college costs in the last academic year, while students paid for about 12 percent, according to Sallie Mae. Both parents and students...

Peter J. Brennan: Insider tips for building wealth

Are you between 20 and 45 years old, receiving a regular paycheck and worried about how to build wealth for your family?

I know that feeling well.

We are inundated with get-rich schemes like flipping real estate, selling soap door-to-door or finding the next hot stock. Scamsters mimic the tactics of legitimate companies.

The 130 million Americans who receive paychecks won’t become as rich as owners of companies, great investors or those who inherit. There is, however, a route to become wealthier.

Over more than 30 years as a journalist, I’ve learned many tips from entrepreneurs, big-time investors and even scamsters. There are two basic premises to building...

Lets Get Organizing!


1. Pare down holiday decorations before you put them up!

  • As you unload everything from the garage and the attic, take a close look at what you have. Do you really want to put out that angel with the broken wings? What about the tree topper that has seen better days? Remember to use decorations that are meaningful and beautiful in your home this holiday season.

2. Create simple kits for decorating and gift wrapping!

Holiday decorating toolbox with the following items in it:

  • Extra ornament hooks
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners for wiring decorations to trees, banisters
  • Tape
  • Wire...
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Stockton grads complete college owing the most

Christi Iaconelli, of Galloway Township, is twice as worried as most parents about paying for college. Her twins, Hannah and Chase, both plan to attend college after graduating from Absegami High School in 2016.

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A global Internet needs organizing principles

By most accounts, the United States has been the source of many of the leading voices on global Internet policy, whether it is West Coast cyber-libertarians advocating for no government-imposed rules for the Internet or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clintons influential Internet Freedom speech in 2010 calling for more online free speech around the world. While there is nothing wrong with the US government and civil society groups advocating for US values globally, as the Internet becomes increasingly international, they should not expect that their values can or should underpin how others around the world approach Internet policy questions. Countries will adopt Internet policies reflecting...

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Students, parents stumble through paying for college

The stress of financing college is probably one of the hardest things students go through while in college; the constant thoughts of finding a way to come up with thousands of dollars can easily stress anyone out.

The rising cost of college has continually been impacting families more and more throughout the last couple of years. The even more frustrating part of financing college is the poor options that students are given when it comes to paying for college.

Biochemistry freshman Ezinne Uduma said she finances college mostly through an academic scholarship; the remainder of her tuition is handled by her parents. Like most college students, Uduma understands...

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Private university deans offer tips on applying and paying for college

Say Yes Buffalo is bringing in private college admissions deans and directors from all over the country Thursday evening to help Buffalo parents and students better understand how to get into college and pay for it. This free event, which has already attracted more than 400 participants, is open to all Buffalo public school and charter school students and parents.

#x201c;This is the first time Say Yes has done this, and the first time it has been done in Buffalo,#x201d; said Say Yes Buffalo Executive Director David Rust.

Aptly titled, #x201c;How to Apply to College and Pay for College,#x201d; the event will run from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Math Science Technology Prep at 666 East...